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Interior Style: Bringing Feng Shui Home

Naturally, design plays an important role in making a house a home. From the color of the walls to the perfectly placed vase of flowers, the ambiance and feng shui are equally as important in selling and designing a home. Candles always add a touch of zen and comfort. Not only am I personally a candle addict but using them to bring that element of feng shui in your haven is an art.

Meet Soyil Candles – a woman-owned Pittsburgh-based candle company created with nature and style. Hand-poured with dye-free, all-natural scented soy, the owner Greta Falvo Cicero had a vision in mind when she created the brand. Enjoying meeting Pittsburgh business women, I was eager to try her candles and get to know the maker behind the magic.

Q: When did you start Soyil Candles and where did the idea come about?

While working in radio, I fell in love with the clean burn of soy candles but I still wasn’t happy with the candles on the market. The candles were dyed and had a lot of labeling/packaging on the glass. I always thought I just want a simple, classic, clean design that would go with any home décor so it didn’t matter what room I put the candle. Call me crazy but the sight of a pink candle in an earth tone room was Eek for me! LOL! ☺

I was also sick of spending money on candles that barely had any smell once when you actually lit the candle. A lot of candles smell good on the shelf in a store but lack a good scent throw once burning. My idea of a perfect candle would smell highly fragrant and ‘disappear’ in your home décor.

That’s when I decided to make my own as a hobby over seven years ago. My Almond Cake scent quickly turned my hobby into a business. Friends & Family could not get enough of the sweet smell of a burnt almond torte!

Q: Where can you shop for the candles in Pittsburgh? Any plans to retail outside of Pittsburgh?

I have 38 retail partners in Western PA as well as an online store ( I have a candle studio in Mt. Washington where we hand pour all of the soy candles. Customers can visit the candle studio when I am there working. Yes I would love to expand! I have just been so busy stocking stores, selling retail & filling online orders, I haven’t gotten there yet ☺ I do ship candles all over the country through my online store.

Q: What’s the best part of being your own boss?

Well first and foremost, I got into this business for the love of candles/home design/home décor so I truly love going to work every day! I get excited to wake up in the morning and get into the candle studio ☺ I was always obsessed with HGTV growing up lol. Second, the fact that I make my own schedule is also a plus however working for yourself is still demanding. You must be self motivated because there is no one there telling you to get your butt to work! lol

Q: What are some of your favorite scents?

My scents are seasonal so they change every season but Home Sweet Home is one of my personal favorites! I am a cinnamon girl so I love it all year long! It’s so warm and inviting! It’s cinnamon, apple and spice! My Fall Collection and Holiday Collection are very popular too. SO MANY AMAZING SCENTS IN THOSE SEASONS! Pumpkin, Apple, Cider & More!

Q: Any tips for other entrepreneurs?

Work hard and don’t take shortcuts. For example, it’s so easy to buy Instagram/social media followers these days but that will only get you so far! Work Hard & Work Smart!

Taking an interview with Pittsburgh Magazine this past week, I set up with candles to add a little zen for the interview. I honestly can’t tell you I have a favorite – they all smell delicious. They burn really nicely, richly scented but not overpowering, beautiful packaging – just an overall great candle! I’m done with pier one! Don’t forget to make your house a home with your favorite comforts.

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