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In the Real Estate business, I guess you can say things get moved around a lot. Buying, selling, client preparation, contract work – you name it – things get a little messy. I recently met a local business owner, Amy Caplan, the owner of KLEAN. Klean, based in Pittsburgh, provides efficient and detailed cleaning and organizing for gals like me. Servicing homeowners, renters, businesses, realtors, contractors and interior designers, Amy is known for her keen attention to detail.


A lot of agents don’t realize the importance of a clean and organized home, whether buying or selling. Presentation is effective! I love to connect with women in my industry and while chatting with Amy, we get to know her business and the importance of home presentation. You can learn more about the KLEANing effects at and visit Amy on social media @Klean412 on Instagram, and on Facebook.

From routine cleaning, to one-time “deep cleans,” move-in/move-out, after construction or after renovation, our highly trained professionals customize our services to meet your needs. We work with long-time homeowners, renters,  businesses, realtors, contractors and interior designers. -Amy Caplan

Q: When did you start Klean412?

A: 2015

Q: Who are your typical clients?

A: Our typical clients are: Clients that need a post construction deep cleaning service, Clients that are moving in and out of a home, Those that need a pre and post event/party deep cleaning, Interior designers and real estate agents that want to provide a wonderful service/gift to their clients.

Q: Why is cleaning & organizing important for selling a home?

Cleaning and organizing is extremely important when selling a home for several reasons: A pristine, neat and organized home is appealing to a prospective buyer, It shows that you have cared about the home and have taken care of it properly, organizing your home will also be helpful when it is time to pack and move.

Q: Do you have any tips for other entrepreneurs?

Educate yourself about the industry and become extremely knowledgeable before you bring your idea to the market

Continue to learn

Always ask your clients for feedback

Network, Network, Network-collaboration and connections are invaluable

Set quarterly and yearly goals for yourself, list how you will achieve them, review them often

Don’t be hesitant to reach out to other people in your industry to collaborate together and to help each other grow.


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