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Home Staging Tips for Selling in Winter Months

For those eager to sell a home in the dreary winter months, know that there is hope! In spite of it being the “off season” in real estate, there are plenty of tricks up our sleeves to get that home sold AND there are plenty of winter buyers out there. Take advantage of the glistening snow and holiday cheer by adding a cozy vibes to your chateau.

The holiday season and winter months can be an advantage point when it comes to selling. You may be tempted to pack everything into boxes and clear the way for your new move but think twice before packing away all of the holiday decor. Call out the elves and take advantage of the season of memories.


  1. If you have a working fireplace – take advantage of it! People love a cozy fireplace in the winter. If it doesn’t work, however, decorate it and make it a focal point of the room. Sometimes, a buyer just likes a fireplace as a visual accent.
  2. Decorate for the holidays. When a buyer is shopping, they’re envisioning what their future family memories may look like. Create a picture of those memories that is sure to impress. Some simple outdoor lighting and a decorated tree can go a long way.
  3. Keep your sidewalks and entryways cleared and salted – this should go unspoken for – but please do!
  4. Crank up the heat – not too high, but you want to show a buyer that the home is warm and cozy and more importantly that there are  no issues with the heating.
  5. Scented candles are your friend. Use seasonal soft scents like cinnamon and caramel.
  6. Presentation is key, so set out a bowl of candy, cookies or little touches that may impress a buyer. People like to feel welcomed and hospitality goes a long way.

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