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Interior Style: Easy DIY Fireplace Makeovers

With winter arriving, getting cozy in front of a fire sounds ideal. Twinkling lights and marshmallows set the tone for a perfect family night. I can already envision the snow falling outside and cookies in the oven! Whether you have a working fireplace or simply one that serves to accent a room, it’s fair to say that fireplace design can be costly. I sell a lot of modern and updated homes but I also sell a lot of older homes that could use some TLC. This week, we’re exploring DIY Fireplace Makeovers and how we can flip the old mantle with minimal cost into becoming the room’s highlighted attraction.

A lot of people don’t know that brick can, in fact, be painted. This might be a great option for an outdated fireplace using the classic red brick. Blogger Leslie Stocker revamped an old 80’s fireplace in her basement using a Lime Wash. She described the process, “When applied over a mineral surface (like brick), lime paint does not need a primer. It bonds directly to the brick. Lime washes can vary. Some are very thick, some are so thin and translucent. You can achieve either effect (or any between) by varying the amount of water you add to the paint. I went with three parts water, one part paint.” Her project turned out exquisite and you can’t even tell it was a DIY project.

Birkley Lane Interiors suggests first giving your fireplace a deep clean before beginning your project using a stiff wire brush. They suggest not to brush too hard so the mortar doesn’t tarnish or chip. They used a deep grey which really modernized their classic 80’s piece and made it pop.

You can really be as creative as you want with a fireplace project. Though modern colors are a white wash, grey or a rustic finish. There are also great tutorials on how to build a fireplace mantel and surround to add a more updated and finished look. Building a Shaker Styled Fireplace Surround may be a little more of a commitment but it can be done with dedication! Phillip Miller Furniture’s blog provided a great video on the process, finished piece below.

My own fireplace was not a DIY project but people seem to love it and it can definitely serve as a little style-inspiration for your Pinterest board. From my home to yours, happy remodeling! xo, the Property Diva



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