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#DivasDoingBusiness: Tori Mistick

Hashtag what’s your strategy? Social media strategy that is. Tori Mistick, creator of popular Pittsburgh blog Wear Wag Repeat and local social media specialist is no stranger to the world of Instagram. Dog lover, fashionista, and social media maven, Mistick designs strategy with style for businesses looking to boost their web presence and brand effectively. Plus, she loves dogs as much as I do so she’s cool in my book. This week we interviewed Tori on a day in her life as a style/dog-mom blogger and social media entrepreneur. Shout out to this week’s #DivaDoingBusiness!

Q: Tell us a bit about your profession/company.

A: Currently I run a website for stylish dog moms (find it at and an online course that teaches people how to grow their Instagram following.

Q: How did you get started in your career?

A: I’ve been a social media consultant for about a decade, and I started my blog Wear Wag Repeat in 2013. For many years I worked with local businesses to come up with their social media strategies and execute their posts on a day to day basis. I still do that for a couple of clients, but in general now I primarily offer an online course that people can sign up for, complete at their own pace, then execute all their day to day posts on their own. I’ve had the online course for about a year and it’s been really rewarding to be able to help more people at one time than I could with the management services I was offering before.

As for my blog, I started it as a hobby to document my outfits and love for my dog – a chocolate lab named Lucy. I enjoyed working on it so much that I gradually put more and more time into creating my content and promoting it. In November 2017 I launched the Wear Wag Repeat podcast where I interview women entrepreneurs in the pet industry. And in the Summer of 2018 I launched and online shop where I carry exclusive items made by dog mom makers and entrepreneurs around the country. I’m so happy to be able to support other women who share my passion for creativity and dogs.

Q: Do you have any tips for professional women?

A: I think it’s really helpful to identify a mission statement and core values for your personal brand. You should do this even if you’re an employee at a big company – these days we all have personal brands thanks to social media. Once you have an idea of what your values are, always stand up for them! Taking a gig just for the money isn’t worth it if it goes against your values.

Q: What do you love about working in Pittsburgh?

A: Well, I love working from home! Of course I have my dog Lucy by my side all the time. Pittsburgh is so great because you’re never too far from a park or water or even a hike in the woods. Lucy and I take advantage of all of it as often as possible.

Q: Any big plans for the future?

Of course! I’m always coming up with big plans. Currently I spend my free time day dreaming about a reality show on Netflix where I travel the country with my dog mom besties making over animal rescues in need. Like Queer Eye but for animal shelters! Who wouldn’t want to watch that!?

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Tori is offering this free Instagram engagement schedule to our readers:  It’s a great PDF that shows you how to make the most of Instagram in just 20 minutes per day : )

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