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Buying a home is just the beginning, designing your home is the next step, and for many — the fun part! Some struggle with bringing personality into a home and others aren’t sure where to begin. That’s where a creative eye comes into play. A design studio in the heart of Pittsburgh founded by Lauren Piasecki and Stan Adamik really makes a house a home.

Enter Lawrenceville. With timeless style staples offered through their brick and mortar complimented by interior design services, Black Cherry Design in Pittsburgh is a one-stop-shop for those redesigning. Specializing in high-end residential, commercial and hospitality interior design, the dynamic duo has shaped the interior industry here in Pittsburgh.

Photo by Laura Petrilla

We believe that your home should not only reflect your personality and taste, but it should enhance your life and welcome you in every day. The world can be a crazy, wild, confusing, overwhelming place, but your home should be your shelter – a place to unwind and entertain and a place to love and be loved.

Q:  How did  the idea for Black Cherry come about?

A: We’ve actually been friends and have collaborated  for over ten years on various projects.  We brought up the idea of starting a business many times over the years and finally decided to “go for it” officially in October of 2014.

Q: What  makes your shop unique?

A: While Stan and I tend to gravitate towards similar things, we each have our own unique style and our store is a collection of goods that represents both personalities as well as the Lawrenceville neighborhood. We selected and continue to select new and  vintage pieces that are well-­‐designed and long-­‐lasting.

Q: What do you love about interior design?

A: Personally, I love meeting new people and interpreting their  ideas into spaces that are livable and lovable. (Lauren) A: Stan loves the creative process  of interior design…watching something that begins as a concept come to life.

Photo by Jason Snyder

Q: Do you have  any tips for others starting out in the industry?

A: Be patient. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight  and be willing to adapt to survive and thrive in this industry.

Q: What do you love about working  in Pittsburgh?

A: I love working in Pittsburgh because I believe we’re really on the cusp of something pretty incredible for creative professionals here. I think the sky could honestly be the limit and there’s an exciting energy.  (Lauren) A: Visually, there’s always something to look at for inspiration here. (Stan)

Q: Where do you find inspiration for  your designs?

A: We find inspiration everywhere really. I’m (Lauren) inspired when I visit a museum or a new restaurant or see  a movie with an interesting set design. We’re also often inspired by other designers we follow on Instagram or Pinterest. We’re constantly  collecting images as inspiration for current and future projects.


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