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Adopting A Pet Checklist

During an adopt-a-pet benefit sponsored by Coldwell Banker, Pittsburgh Property Diva and her lovely family adopted a dog and cat! After congratulating her family on these wonderful additions, we were inspired to write a post on adopting a pet. If you’re thinking of adding to your family in the form of a furry loved one, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Do you have any current pets?

If you have current animals living with you, you’ll need to make sure they get along with your new pet you are planning to bring in. Ask questions at the adoption center to make sure your new pet gets along with other members of its same species.

2. Does your living space accommodate your pet?

Are you looking for an active dog but live in a one or two-bedroom condo? You may want to reconsider a dog that doesn’t require as much exercise, or perhaps think about a cat.

3. How does your work situation match with your pet?

If you’re choosing to adopt a cat, you won’t have too many issues working full-time. If you are going to get a dog and working from home, you should be good as far as being around for walks. If you are choosing a dog and working out of the home, you’ll need to have a dog walker lined up.

4. Choose a vet and groomer.

Make your life easier and have a veterinarian and groomer ready to go. If you have some lined up and ready, you will be more at ease when your new pet comes home with you.

5. Microchip and register your pet.

Make sure you get your pet registered and microchipped when you bring them home. More often than not, the adoption center can help you with getting all of that together.

6. Introduce your little human family members slowly.

Dogs and babies sure are cute, but it is important to remember to gradually introduce your new pet to your small children in your household. That way, you are avoiding any potential bad interactions.

7. Consider behavioral training.

If you are adopting a new puppy, you may want to consider behavioral training for them. That way, they can learn how to behave around guests, bathroom habits and more.

Rescueing a dog or cat can be one of the kindest and most fulfilling things you can do… you just need to be prepared.  Here are Spike, the dog and Ollie, the cat.  Welcome to the family!

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